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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to reach my address?

Orders including the emissive film will take up to 4 weeks as it is made per order. Orders for just the raspberry pi will take around 5-7 days, a link will be sent to your email address to track the progress of your order. The LCD screen will take up to two weeks. If you are located in the US the film will be shipped directly from the company to avoid custom charges and to speed up delivery time.


Does it work during the day?

NO! the projector is in a losing battle with outside light, the sun is too bright for the projector to win, this kit will work in sunset and sunrise but will work best during the night.


What is included in the full kit?

A Raspberry Pi, Pico projector, OBD adapter, Emissive film, remote control, USB cigarette adapter, Remote control, Power cable and HDMI cable. A CD containing the OS an SD card reader is also included in case you need to reinstall the OS.


How should it be installed?

I recommend installing the Raspberry Pi underneath the dashboard or steering wheel, you may need an extension to connect your aux cable for sound. If you have the small A4 screen kit then the projector will need to be mounted on your dashboard and pointed upwards towards the windscreen. If you have the 32" full windscreen kit the projector should be installed on the armrest to the left of the driver and pointed toward the windshield. Please plan where you will install the equipment and run the cables BEFORE buying as you won't be eligible for a refund.


How many actual cables will need to be installed?

For normal use, 5.

For Raspberry Pi - USB power cable to the cigarette port, HDMI cable to projector, AUX cable to stereo and remote control emitter.For projector - Power cable to cigarette port and HDMI cable to Raspberry Pi.

Additional cables will be needed if you purchase USB GPS dongle, touch screen sensor and parking sensor.


Will there be software updates?

Definitely, I am constantly improving the experience by working on performance and adding new features. A new software image is pretty large (16 GB), so there will be three options for software updates; Download a new image from this website (16GB), Purchase a new CD from here where you will have to copy it to your SD card in the Pi, or send your SD card back where it will be updated for you.



Only if the Raspberry Pi, projector or OBD adapter stops working within 1 year will it be replaced. Accidental damage or theft is not covered.



First setup

Please make sure the kit is properly setup before switching on for the first time as the initial walk-through is only shown once.



Nothing is coming up on the windshield

This might happen if you switch the Pi on before you switch the projector on

Is the projector light on? Is the battery in the projector charged?

Make sure you have selected HDMI mode in the input menu on the projector.

Check the HDMI cable. Is the Raspberry Pi lights on the side illuminated?

Your SD card may be corrupted, this can happen if the Raspberry Pi didn't shut down before the engine was turned off. You will need to re-image your SD card.


No connection to car

Restart the Pi, if it happens again, check the OBD adapter is switched on by pressing the button on it and look if the red light is on.


No music found

Make sure you have MP3 or Wav files on your USB nano drive inside the Music folder named with a capital 'M'